Microsoft Outlook 2003 Repair Tool


Outlook 2003 is the preceded edition of Outlook 2007. It comes along with the Microsoft Office 2003 pack. Outlook 2003 repair tool solves all the queries related to corruption of Microsoft Outlook files such as “how to fix Outlook 2003” or “how to repair damaged 2003 .pst file” and so on. This wizard eventually is excellent tool to mend damaged pst files on all the different versions of Outlook such as 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. All though MS Outlook comes with a built-in repair tool known as Inbox repair tool or Scanpst.exe. Its main functionality is to repair Outlook Inbox files that got corrupted. But in some cases the corruption may result out to be severe and in such cases this built-in repair tool fails out sometimes. This problem arises in all the different editions of Outlook.

Did you get dumbstruck when your .pst files refused to mount? Did your Microsoft Outlook displays some fatal error alert messages? What will you do to overcome such rough situation when all your important official files, emails, reminders, feeds, contacts vanishes into ether all of a sudden? Now there is no need to worry around, this article introduces one of the best repair tool and best ways to regain the corrupted / damaged Inbox files. Did it ever happen to you that after you up graded your Outlook version, the older files, emails, contacts and feeds etc refuses to open up whenever you try to click to open it? Are you wondering how can you fix a corrupt .pst files in Outlook 2007? Well you can check here to view the detailed concept of the innumerable probabilities of such malfunction. The most common and top-ranked reason is corruption. Whenever there is corruption of Outlook profiles and data, it refuses to mount. The reasons behind a damaged PST file can be-

  • Exceeding file size.
  • Suspicious malware / spyware attack.
  • Sharing over network.
  • Up gradation of OS.
  • Software installation issue.
  • Abruptly exiting MS Outlook.

What is most amazing about Outlook 2003 repair tool?

This application can repair files that Outlook scanpst.exe cannot sometimes. This wizard efficiently fixes password protected and encrypted emails on Outlook 2003. It excellently repairs virus affected corrupted Outlook 2003 .pst files. This program supports all the different editions of Microsoft Outlook like – 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 too. At the same time it is supportable in all the different editions of Windows Operating System such as – XP, 2003, 2007 and Windows 2008 too. It also has an easy graphical user interface because of which user do not have to sit down and study all the technical knowledge related queries to run this software. The trial version of the software can be downloaded from this page by hitting the download button. User now no longer need to worry if Outlook 2010 PST file access is denied on their Windows 7. After fixing the corrupted PST file in the trial version, you can preview the fixed and recovered Outlook PST file and other Outlook elements.

Tips to be maintained-

  1. Avoid using files in Outlook when System freezes suddenly, and it is highly recommended to keep system virus / malware free.  
  2. Installation of up graded software should be done properly.
  3. Always connect an UPS with your system so as to avoid power failure issues.

Scenarios that lead to corruption of PST file-

We shall now elaborately take a look into few of the above mentioned reasons behind corruption or damage of the .pst file.

Exceeding File Size- Outlook 2003 has a limited file size. Once the file size is crossed by any particular file, then that specified file or email has got the maximum chance of corruption. In this condition, either the entire file or the part of the data that is extra gets corrupted; as a result the file or folder refuses to open up. It should be taken care of that the file size limit does not cross.

Sharing over network- Sometimes we share out Microsoft Outlook file over network, this gives unknown users to access and modify the files. As the contents get modified or on addition of extra content to a particular file, it's size gets extended and hence thereby corrupts.

Up gradation of OS- Suppose you upgrade your Windows system from XP to 2007 and later when you open up Outlook profile on Windows 7; it may happen that Microsoft Outlook is not responding in Windows 7. This throws user into a messy circumstance. For detailed information view the mentioned URL:

Abruptly exiting Outlook profile- When some Outlook file operation is being performed in background and all of a sudden if we exit the Outlook folder this might corrupt all the folders present in the Outlook. Repairing them may cause user a lot sometime.

Easy steps on how to fix Outlook 2003-

Step 1: Download the Outlook 2003 repair software and install it on your computer and open its main window as shown in figure 1.

Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Browse and select the PST file from your computer to be fixed as shown in figure 2 and proceed further.

Select PST File

Figure 2: Select PST File

Step 3: Lastly, you will see a popup window indicating your .pst file in Outlook 2003 is repaired as shown in figure 3.

List of Recovered Items

Figure 3: List of Recovered Items